Athlete Profile: Cody Abell

Cody discovered Brickhouse CrossFit after talking to a few friends in Tennessee. When he told them he was moving to Roanoke, they all said one word: Brickhouse. So the choice was obvious for him.

Cody didn’t have a serious athletic background other than the experience of high school track. But as a student at Radford University, Cody trained at CrossFit Radford. Although he’s only been at Brickhouse a short time, Cody loves the community feel of the box. Since starting CrossFit, he attacks things in and out of the gym with a lot more discipline. He attributes this fresh outlook to the psychological gains from the daily grind of Brickhouse workouts.

The Brickhouse 10

  1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? I would like to be Captain America, he is the example I most admire. But I am most connected to Wolverine. He’s a loner, a fierce friend, and he has a very distorted past. And, like me, he’s short!
  2. What are three things you can’t live without? My laptop, coffee, Haribo Gummy Bears, friends, tattooing, and fitness. (That’s more than three.)
  3. Favorite WOD? I love all the benchmarks, but any variation of Grace is my favorite.
  4. If you could teach one thing to the world today, what would it be? That no matter where you start in life, it’s how you finish. Limits and fears are self imposed, and the sky is the limit if you’re willing to bust your butt.
  5. What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be the person that brightens someone’s day at work or in the gym. I want to inspire others.
  6. What is one thing no one knows about you? I’m an emotional person, and it doesn’t take much to make me cry.
  7. What is one thing that you’re most proud of? My progress in life. I ran into someone who has known me since I was 12, and he recently said, “We didn’t think you were gonna make it.”
  8. What is your favorite music to WOD to? I’m very typical. Anything loud and aggressive, like Slayer or gangster rap.
  9. What results have you experienced with Brickhouse? My Olympic lifts have increased over 100 pounds in seven months, and my gymnastics and endurance are skyrocketing. I have a better mindset on pacing and expectations.
  10. Why Brickhouse? Brickhouse is the total package for whatever your goals are. Strongman, health, endurance, weightlifting, powerlifting, fun, family, friends — all of it — it’s the gold standard.


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