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Your guide to life-changing fitness!

Brickhouse uses a functional fitness program for our group classes. What does this mean? We keep things fun, we focus on the basics with direct coaching during each class. We combine weightlifting with cardio and gymnastics to get you amazing results.

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Who is this for? Anyone who is willing to learn, be coached and continuously practice and train the movements that lead to a healthy, happy and confident lifestyle.

What should I expect? Aside from the constantly varied workouts, our group coaching program is fun, exciting and easy to become a part of. Your coach keeps you accountable to your goals and gives you the support you need to stay on track.

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Did you know? Brickhouse members receive an updated fitness prescription every 90 days to adjust their plan as needed to ensure success.

Steps to get started:

  1. Book a FREE Intro

  2. Meet with a coach to see the gym and map your goals

  3. Receive your free custom fitness prescription, personalized to you

  4. On Ramp – our foundational learning course to get you started

  5. Enter group classes and transform your health and fitness!

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