CrossFit Competition Programming Plan for 2015 Season

For the 2014 CrossFit Games Open season we had competitors following competition specific programming for only 3 months prior to the 1st week of the Open. Just imagine what we could accomplish in the 2015 season if we started 10 months out!

The 2014 program was rushed due to timing. We quickly accumulated some volume and then went directly into an intensification and peak. The plan for 2015 is to slowly accumulate volume over the course of several months. During this “offseason” the focus will be on building strength and a massive aerobic engine. This will be accomplished with a combination of BHC class WODs and extra assigned work during Open Gym.

For those of you interested in performance at local CrossFit competitions as well as the 2015 CrossFit Games Open, the time to start is now. Next week we will test 1RMs and then the following week starting in May we will begin the first cycle. Note again that we will be slowly accumulating volume. This means if you decide to skip out on this and maybe start later on, you are setting your body up for a hurting and potential injury.

On the flip side, if you start now and feel like the first few weeks are too “easy”, resist the temptation to add a bunch of extra work. This will kill your progress for the year. Totally kill it. The entire point is to slowly build.

As mentioned, next week will be 1RM testing. These numbers need to be real. No 1/4 squats just to post a higher max. Doing so will kill your progress for the year. Totally kill it. Drop your ego so next year you’ll be a different athlete. If anything, be conservative and set yourself up for improvement. If you don’t trust yourself, do your max and then record 90% of that.

All maxes and working sets during the strength cycles will need to be recorded in Brickhouse Performance. It will also be wise to track your macro-nutrients, water, fish oil, sleep, and resting HR or HRV at least Mon-Fri.

Recovery will be critical so pay close attention to your recommended intake of Protein in Brickhouse Performance. Carbs and Fat can end up being very individual but you need to at least meet the protein requirements each day. Unless you are a vegan only protein sources with parents count. If you are not getting this protein in daily you will kill your progress for the year. Totally kill it. I don’t want to hear a word about “I’m not getting stronger” if all you are eating is lasagna, bread, potato chips and poptarts. If you like to eat these things great (assuming you are as lean as you want to be), but only eat them after you have gotten in your protein requirements for the day.

If you need more individualized help Amanda and I are offering exclusive nutrition programming for $99/month for as long as you need it. It typically takes 3+ months to get a plan that is working for you down pat and then another 3 – 6 months to evaluate and tweak it. We only have space for a few more clients over the foreseeable future so jump on now if this is something you want to get squared away. Contact Amanda to get started.

Also critical on the recovery front is alcohol intake. A chronic high alcohol intake (or weekend binging) for an athlete is like the opposite of taking steroids. You will dehydrate your muscles and lower testosterone levels. This will kill your progress for the year. Totally kill it. For example, tribulus terrestris is a common ingredient for sale – for the simple reason that it helps your body produce more testosterone.

At the end of this off season phase we will once again start an intensification and peak leading into the first week of the 2015 Open. Success during this phase and the Open will depend on how consistent you were during the offseason phase. Don’t expect to half follow the program and then somehow magically be stronger and in shape.

As the year progresses and we see areas for improvement, we plan to add more structure and coaching around the program with the ultimate goal of creating a small tight group that is serious about qualifying for Regionals as a team. However, we will only be considering those that have been consistently following our program, have demonstrated an exceptional attitude, and are team players. Team members compete with, not against, each other.

If you have areas of weakness or imbalances that you need to focus on we highly recommend exclusive coaching. We individualize your program specific to your needs and goals with tremendous outcome.