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Ashley moved to Roanoke in 2011 after graduating from Radford University with a Bachelor’s in Exercise, Sport and Health Education. She is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals! Her personality, care for people and spark of energy motivate those around her to improve, and that’s the hallmark of a great coach!

In her own words…

When not at Brickhouse you can find me at home; self-proclaimed introvert. As much as I love reading and attempting Pinterest projects, I also love most outdoor adventures. Please send me an invite!

Something funny: Miss Congeniality over here- I trip over my own dumbbells

What brought you to Brickhouse? I was talked into joining Brickhouse by my favorite person in the world- that would be my
boyfriend. He saw the potential athlete (AND coach) in me well before I did. Thanks, Jon!

What excites you most with coaching? Coaching is my contribution to the community that has pushed me outside my comfort zone from day one. Be the change you want to see, right?

  • I want to be the person that greets you at the door
  • I want to be the person you relate to when you are trying something new
  • I want to be the person that helps you exceed your own expectations
  • I want to be the person that motivates you in and outside the Brickhouse doors

Coaching is single-handedly the most rewarding experience to me.

Favorite movement? Pull-ups because I can finally do more than one!!! Truthfully I love gymnastics more than barbell movements. But if I had to pick a barbell movement it would be the Snatch, specifically the squat snatch because it just looks so cool!