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How Are You Going to Keep Yourself Accountable?

For most people, the idea of weight loss comes with an end date. “I just want to lose 20 pounds.” You lose those 20 pounds and then what? You go right back to what you were doing before. In most cases, those 20 pounds are back faster than the time it took you to lose it. So why is it so easy for us to gain that weight back? Consistent, long-term weight loss and healthy eating can only be…

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You Are (Fit) Enough

He struggled to make it through the 6-minute warm-up. Gasping for air, his legs were burning and he had to stop multiple times in just the six short minutes of the class warm-up. He looked around, embarrassed, wondering if any of the other members of the class took note of how much he was struggling. · At the end of the agonizing “warm-up”, he sauntered over to the water fountain and leaned against it while trying to breathe. After…

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The Answer: Brickhouse

CrossFit is one of the best exercise programs for long-term, sustainable results; especially for those looking for body fat or weight loss and people just looking to lose inches around the waist or other areas of the body. But why? · It’s not magic and we don’t do anything that hasn’t already been done. · We do cardio. We run, bike, row, we skip rope. Nothing new or unheard of. · We lift weights, whether it be barbells, dumbbells,…

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Build Your Support Network

  One of the many great things about CrossFit is the support network it provides.⠀ ·⠀ We are literally surrounded every day, in every class, with like-minded people chasing similar goals. How powerful is that?!⠀ ·⠀ Their goals may be slightly different or even have different motives – but the DRIVE and DETERMINATION is there and those two things are contagious.⠀ ·⠀ When we have others around us that are working toward the same things, it provides so many…

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