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How Are You Going to Keep Yourself Accountable?

For most people, the idea of weight loss comes with an end date. “I just want to lose 20 pounds.” You lose those 20 pounds and then what? You go right back to what you were doing before. In most cases, those 20 pounds are back faster than the time it took you to lose it. So why is it so easy for us to gain that weight back? Consistent, long-term weight loss and healthy eating can only be…

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CrossFit + Nutrition = Results

There is a thing I didn’t advertise when I started CrossFit and really began training hard in 2014. All my friends saw was that I was working out twice per day, 6:30am and 6:30pm and that I was obsessed with exercise. Well, I was! But the thing I didn’t talk about enough, and I should have, is that I completely overhauled my diet at the time. I went from eating whatever I felt like at the time – along…

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Heading to the Gym? What (and When) to Eat

  If you’re getting that afternoon crash, find yourself chugging pre-workout before you train each day, feel bloated in the gym, or simply don’t have solid energy in your workouts – this one’s for you! · That pre-workout meal is important to how we perform in the gym so let’s dive in and look at getting it shored up. · ❓Questions for you: What time is your workout? Do you do better training on an empty stomach or feeling…

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Recover Hard

  Recovery is king (especially during these five weeks of the Open season!). How we recover from our training sessions dictates the results expressed in our health and fitness. Similarly, how we bounce back from the Open workouts each week sets us up for success (or failure) in the proceeding weeks. • Sounds simple enough, right? Train, recover, repeat. But are you truly recovering and maximizing this time like you do your training in the gym? • The problem…

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The Two Things You HAVE to Know About Your Food

  In my last blog, we talked about the equation to get results. Results in terms of performance, aesthetics, or overall health and lifestyle. This equation involves three pieces: training, sleep and nutrition. One without the other two does not get you the results you desire. Today let’s assume training and sleep are on the right track so we can solely focus on the nutrition piece. Nutrition SHOULD be your priority, but it is often overlooked or brushed aside….

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